Samsung Intensity 3 (model + Simple Rig)

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on recreating my cell phone, the Samsung Intensity 3, for a small VFX project.

Here’s what I have so far:

It’s almost complete except for the screen including the lettering and the actual display. The reason for this is that I’m not sure how to approach creating the materials in cycles for the Verizon and SAMSUNG lettering:

As you can see from the image above when viewed from different angles(as well as under different lighting) the logos will change from rainbow colors(left) to a simple light grey(right). I’m not sure what this is called, so I was wondering if anyone in the blender community could help me out!

Regarding the display, I have yet to find a clean high rez image that I can use(ones I’ve found have rounded edges that are slightly feathered). Ideally I’d like to just record my own phone’s screen, or even just take a screen shot. but as far as I know that’s imposible.

NOTE: because I will eventually be integrating this model into footage I want it to be as photo realistic that my current skills will allow…Hence the scratches on the screen and on the camera glass. I’ll hopefully be adding more scuffs to other parts of the model in the near future.

i like it… good work

Nice work!

The logos are commonly called “holograms”. For that, I’d use 2 materials (or more) and the mix factor in between them would be the “Facing” output from the input node “Layer Weight”. With some tweaking of the factor, it will allow you to let colors appear when the angle of view changes.

When I mix all the colors with the layer weight node it mixes all of them evenly across the surface of the logo. The second picture in my first post shows different colors when viewed from the same angle… almost like a gradient…but it changes directions at different angles. Do you know how I can achieve this?

i dont use cycles so idk about that, but the way i WOULD do it if i knew more is apply 1 LARGE rainbow gradient to the fernesel, then add a slightly more saturated lighter larger gradiednt to the object its self. maybe even bump just the fernesel layer with a black and white version of the rainbow texture to create a hollo feeling

Hmm…I’m not sure exactly what you mean…