Samurai Jack Tribute | avemagnadude | Animated Short

Hey guys!

Here’s my latest work!
It took me a span of 4 months to complete, working on and off.

All of the backgrounds were digitally painted. :smiley:




Impressive :yes:

Very nicely done. Congratulations for getting it finished. It looks wonderful.


Awesome! What sort of rig did you use for Jack? The mix of painted BG and 3D elements is really nice. Very inspiring stuff. :slight_smile:

Wow! fantastic work. Love the animation.

Top notch work. Very professional. When can we see more?

All around top notch work. The animation and the lips sync seemed very fluent and spot on.

amazing work! I love the style, the camera shots and the animation! Really really well done! :slight_smile:

This looks like a coop between Studio Ghibli and Disney, beautiful scenes.

I really Love it! *5 stars, and share :slight_smile:

Very inspiring work! It is beautiful in every aspect. nice colors, lighting, character style, animation… but what i love most is your compostion/camera work, you just nailed that. Honestly I’m blown away!

Really??? That’s all??? no way, we need more! it’s AWESOME. The style is great, as the camera shots and editing, great overall.
Thanks for sharing, keep it up, and bring us at least 30 more minutes… drop the rest of the things you are doing and get on with it… now… :wink:

Good ! All camera are Jack, i like it !

You’ve captured an essence of Samurai Jack in 3D which was something that I thought would be immensely hard. Great work, I do hope that Tartakovsky notices this! Visuals are perfect transition to 3D and animation is flawless.

Really inspiring words, guys. :smiley:
Thanks a lot!

Absolutely wonderful animation work in every aspect. Everything from matte painting over modeling, lighting, animation- and camera-work is selling the story so well! Congratulations.

That was… fricken amazing! I’m going to share this one!

@avemagnadude1 can you make supportive tribute for EarthBound 64 HD,please?Currently I made breathing animation for Flint and Mrs. Pusher which means conversation part.

cool smaurai jack

So beautiful! Very inspiring! The environments and lighting are impressive!