San Diego Comic-Con 2007

Are there any other blenderheads going to the San Diego Comic-Con this year?

Anybody know about anything I should definitely try to see while I’m there? Movie previews? Maybe a 3D workshop?

Last year I wanted to go see the previews for Eragon, because a friend and former coworker worked on the effects. But that was on Sunday morning, and we ended up deciding to skip Sunday because we were just too tired to go one more day. I still haven’t seen the movie!

But there was plenty of other 3D related stuff to see and do last year… unfinished Spiderman previews with wireframes still in them, a writing workshop with JMS, a panel with the cast of Lost (which I’ve also never seen, but they seemed really nice!), and a big session on Pirates of the Carribean by John Knoll, who explained how they designed the simulation of Davy Jones’ tentacles. Um, I still haven’t seen that one, either, come to think of it. Just the tentacles!

Anyway, I was just wondering, and thought I’d ask…