I took a couple of months on this one. I began it at school, switching to my home computer for weekends.

Total render time; 14 hours (4 hours for the backdrop, 10 hours for the main scene).

Post-production in Photoshop.

Textures (wood, rock, stone, etc) from


Looks like fine work.
Reminds me of MYST for some reason…

That really really long for a scene like this.
for any scene actually.
What did you render it with?

Rendered with blender internal. The clouds are made up of a thousands of particles, so maybe it would be easier to learn how to do them in photoshop next time.

The main scene could’ve been optimised a lot more. The entire left island is covered in grass, there’s reflective glass on the houses, shadows on the grass, heaps of things that aren’t really noticable at such a distance.

If I can bring the rendertime down, I’ll also reposition the background card. It’s horribly stretched at the moment.

I like it with one exception, the chair and levers in the foreground. They just don’t do the rest of the models justice. If you redid the them to have the same level of detail in comparison to it’s size then it would be much better as a whole.
other then that, what are the white(ish) things sticking down from the two islands?

@TobiasDN: me too, maybe because I’m looking at a sureile(don’t know how to spell that) landscape and have levers in front of me that I havn’t the slightest clue what do… “lets pull em! oops, that dosen’t sound good, now what happend… shoot, the door wont open now…”

dude, that totally reminds me of gorillaz-feel good inc

great job little dude