Sand falling in a Hour Glass

Am trying to model a scene of Hour Glass where in the sand is falling from the top section into the lower section

So I started with sand simulation using particles. The sand is bouncing too much. Why is that?

What all settings should I do to make it look like a realistic sand?

Also I researched but there was only one youtube video made in 2.57, which seemed to be having different variables for fluid option than what I had in my 2.67b

You can change the bouncing of a particle by selecting your collision mesh and click on physics tab > collision > and increase particle damping factor.

Thank you so much Kevin :slight_smile:
That was a great help

And how to render them as particles of sand instead of smoke. I tried rendering and it is looking more like smoke

I got it. Have to use Dupliverts in particles.

Have you manage to see some volume of the sand piling up at the bottom of the hourglass?
I’m trying to do that, but I can’t seem to get it,…