Sand on cobblestones

You can see there is one side of the pyramid more affected by sand (right part).
I would like to make those cobblestones on the upper right side of the image more affected by sand, like having more sand on them.
How do I do that? Each stone block is individual in this image.

not sure if this helps, but I think what is being shown in this video could be useful;

Nope, nothing helpful in this video. Already know from everything shown.

I would use a texture from an origin plane, using the Texture Coordinate node and manually choosing a central object. I’d then paint where you want the sand, and alter the material using that as a mask.
To supplement, you can also add a sand plane.
I might also either use the Bevel node (2.8, ideal solution) or use Data Transfer to blend the normals if necessary.

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