I have been trying to model the sandruner lizard(a creature for an oblivion mod) using box modeling and I was wondering if I could get some usefull crits from people here. tell me what you think remember this is just a basic test model and just the model I will not start anything else until the model is perfect so I need your help to make it that way. crit away I have no feelings.If the admins feel that this needs to be in another area then please move it. The concept was done by el scumbago.I plan on having it modeled, textured and animated at some point.

Looking good so far. The only thing that might need some tweaking is that the picture shows the leg more defined and the model has the leg coming out of the bottom. Other then that it looks like its going good.

okay here is a better version with a lot of tweaks

the biggest problem I am having right now is making the legs join with the body correctly right now they are seperate objects.
Any crits would be helpful.
also I really reduced the polycount it is now only 1200 faces.

another update:

NIce work, keep it up

I seriously need help with the UV it is all going wrong. I am done with all the modeling. crits and help please. I will not remodel unless it is absolutly neccesary. it would be nice to have this kind of effect: can I do this using nodes in blender?