Sandwich Demon

A (modified) still frame from a project I’m working on. The hardest part of this image was getting it to look like anything other than a big ol polygon salad, but cranking up the volumetrics helped quite a bit!


I’m also pretty happy with this train. I wasn’t sure what it was going to look like when I started, but I kept jumping between modeling and texturing, and I’m digging the end result.

OH! And here’s some bumper stickers I made in a sleepy delirium last week. Feel free to use them for anything (I put them on the billboards in this image, but they’re really fun to feed into a particle system and slap all over vehicles, too)


i like the stickers the most

This is freakin insane.

The stickers are awesome too, I think the final render should assist the viewer a bit more in seeing/reading them. Either a huge render you can scroll around or make them more visible. The whole thing feels a bit too grainy to me (although some grain is nice), but I’ll chalk that up to just throwing something out here for us to see. Super good stuff, I love it.

How long did this take in total? Also, just out of curiosity, what’s your polygon count? :joy: Just the train alone is extremely detailed—you must have a powerhouse computer.


TBH, I want some of those bumper stickers on my car.
This one is my favorite:

The scene seems like blade runner meets final fantasy 7. Nice work!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Yes. Yes. Yes. Discourse wants clarity, so Yes!

Looks great! The train looks quite unique too.
Would you mind sharing some step by step pictures of your scene? How much compositing is there compared to the blender render?

Blade runner in sight ;))

amazing !

Out of curiosity: Does it really have that aspect ratio originally? -Kinda makes me feel like it’s been croped and I want to see the rest of it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But yes, super cool as usual.

greetings, Kologe

So you just throw an noisy as hell rendering with an odd aspect ratio out and immediately score an place in the feature row?
What’s next? You telling me 75% of the architecture in the image has “projected from view” textures you grabbed randomly from the net?

Don’t be shocked if i take you up on the offer and plaster your “advertising” all over my next dystopian city.

I saw the thumbnail and thought ‘this must be Ian Hubert for sure, it is just too good’… yep, it was you, I am not disappointed :slight_smile: the quality is insane, congratulations!
and thanks a lot for the stickers

Nawww, the actual scene is super wide, 2:1- just every once in a while as I’m working it’s fun to render out something and post it around, and I feel like most people are looking at stuff on their phones, so I just kinda keep it squarish.

That’s a good point!! This was set up as an animation, so this is just a still from an animated camera. I kind of dug the feeling of motion, but after setting up the billboards I agree they should be more legible, yeah :smiley:

I’m at nearly 4 million faces- though I actually don’t have a great sense of if that’s a lot or not?

And Rocksteady! I’m not sure how to respond to multiple people in a single post correctly (I assume there’s notifications or whatever involved), but there’s actually fairly little compositing on this one- I’ll see if I can upload some WIPS soon. Normally I add all the haze and stuff in post, but rendering actual volumetrics helped the scene so much that I just went for it (though it’s going to make rendering the animation super intense, haha).


Not really, i remember that the Crysis games pushed a similar polycount a couple of years ago in real-time. Considering the scope of your scene i would say you are a very economic modeller. It does look like 5x as much.

Regarding the volumetric, here is an (untested) idea. I think it is possible to render all the volumetric haze in eevee and then compose it on top. You’ll have to render the scene with a black matte material, so that only the lights and emission shader and their volumetric haze is visible, then combine it with a cycles render without haze. You 'll probably have to supersample the eevee render to get rid of some artifacts, but my guess is that you could probably cut the rendertime in half by doing that.
Just an idea, but i haven’t actually done it myself.


The noise does not look like anything the new Intel denoiser can’t fix, start with LordOdin’s setup and expand from there.

The detail, atmosphere, and scale is incredible, something which you seem to be naturally good at.

Breathtaking work.

Truly impressive work!!! :star_struck:
I especially like the overall look and feel of the city and the design and finishing of the train.

This features one of the biggest skills in CG - knowing how much details are needed to make a scene look realistic. And how to achieve them without wasting render time for unnecessary geometry.
This is for me, as rather a CG newbie, the biggest art to master. (All the techniques can be learnt by online tutorials - but this is something you have to figure out yourself.)

Obviously Mrdodobird, you are a master in this art.
But that’s not a surprise. :wink:
(Yep, I admit, I’m a ‘lazy’ dude, too.)

Please allow me to raise one question, though - this scene is super impressive and buzzing with details, yet still it has a slight comic book feel. It might be caused by the graininess and contrast. And in animation, with some post lens effects, it will surely look more photorealistic.
Yet still, out of personal interest, I’d like to learn if there are other ways and tricks to make such scenes look more photorealistic?
I’m working on photorealistic set extensions as well and noticed, that especially wide night shots, which don’t feature real, photographed textures up close, are far more difficult to achieve.
Obviously such scenes need much more samples and this surely doesn’t help.

Haha! Thanks a lot, yeah, this one definitely has buildings at really different levels of detail. I kind of cringe uploading the full res version because you can zoom in and see just how blocky/repeaty some of the building chunks are.

In terms of your question, I totally agree. I think a lot of it is the brightness/contrast, actually. If I darken the whole thing up and just keep more of the highlights (and turn down the haze), it looks a lot more realistic- in this case, though, the increased realism actually lessened the overall impact of the image (I’m embarrassed to say, in our “modern times”, I kind of work with the thumbnail in mind), so I left everything nice and bright. I’m going to let it stay darker in the actual animation, though.

AH!!! Eevee haze mixed with a cycles render! That’s a very clever idea. I’m definitely going to play around with that, thanks :smiley: