Sandwich effect . alpha problem.

I got this secene , i want the red circles to look like they do in the 3dviewport , when they are behind the “Logo” we cannot see them , but as i did some post pro and puted it in another layer when i alpha over it this effect its just overlayed.

How can i do to have my postpro red circles to be hidden behing the logo?

Hard to tell with what information you provide. Put the rings in a seperate renderlayer, and then perhaps use a color ramp and z-depth in composite nodes to decide which to have display?

sorry , here’s the blend file.

so what i want is the circles to be hidden by the logo when they are behind , like they look in the 3D Viewport.

hi! that’s so easy! simply enable “AllZ” in the Renderlayer-Buttons for both renderlayers . and voilá! but to be honest: i tried quite a bit until it came to me that the solution is that easy…
nice animation, by the way…

thank you very much sebastian , i was afraid it would’ve been some strange set up , with z values and alpha channels involved.