Sandworm animation

Hey all, I’ve been trying to work with Blender a bit more lately (I took a break after 2.4 and came back around 2.6). Since I finished reading Dune not so long ago, I decided to make a sandworm:

I’m kind of a mixed towards this. It wasn’t originally going to be an animation, so I haven’t really thought through camera angles or anything. The animation (specifically the worm) moves a lot quicker than it appeared to, so for the next one I want to slow it down quite a bit. The ship/plane thing is obviously crap, but I was in ‘get it done’ mode. I like how the worm turned out though. Also, I had to use quick effects for the sand bursting / dust cloud, so while it sucks, I probably won’t do much better until I learn more about particles.

So feel free to rip it apart, I’d love to know what to work on.

Pretty nice! The animation is fairly well done but the materials and environment could use some work. I am reading the book myself right now so this is pretty cool.