Sansa Character Portrait

Current progress on a character portrait. Eyes are a bit off currently as the head mesh is not retopoed and the clipping with the glass shader causes odd refractions.

Not going for full realism but a bit more stylized look similar to the work of Guzz Soares. Currently I don’t feel it captures the likeness of the actress very well.

I plan to add in some snow falling around the character as I want it to have a cold look both in terms of physically cold but also the mood of the character.

All critiques are welcome.


Find what is unique with Sansa like a wide neck and jaw, small mouth, narrow eyes, hairline, etc. Fill you screen with references. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look femenin to start with (we have a lot of bagage about how a woman should look like that we need to deal with).

Looking pretty good for a start.

I should point out that the inner eyelids are filling in the concave parts of her eyeballs with flesh-colored blobs. :eek:


Retopoed the head. Modified small things like the shape of the nose, the length and thickness of the neck, widened the jaw, modified the hairline slightly. Tweaked the scale of the SSS but not sure if I like it not soft enough.

Now I need to do some high detail sculpting and smore tweaks around the eyes, and I need to paint in a bit more variation for the skin too uniform currently.

I like the hair. Is that particle system? I think the Iris is too big.

Yes the hair is particle systems. I agree on the size of the iris.

I am considering this close to final, but if you see anything I may have overlooked please critique away.

Much better. I suggest some work on the eyes. It looks like without the pupil. Make the eyebrows more soft. The lips and the nose is much much better. :slight_smile:

I think one of Sansa’s defining features are small eyes, and this kinda goes against that. Also Sansa has a kind, friendly face, and the “v” shaped eyebrows make this character look menacing, also I think they are too black, and they look like a thread not hair. Otherwise I think it’s a great job, with just a little bit more effort put into it, I think you could make a fantastic render.

@usernew @nevertilt 100% agree on the eyebrows they currently have the same thickness as the eyelshes since they are the same system going to thin them down. I see what you are saying about the bigger eyes. The reason I went that route is that is the sort of look I was wanting to go with I will link some references for the look I was wanting. Although doing a quick liquify with smaller eyes does look good. Also 100% agree that the anger expression needs to be softened.

Here is a couple quick photoshop liquify tests

Also here are some references I have been working off of.

General expression and look reference:

The sort of style I am wanting to achieve hence the bigger eyes:

Wow, I agree, I like it much more with smaller eyes. I think you wanted to go anime style, but in those cases the eyes are big and more rounded, oval. I would definitely work on the eyebrows more, and maybe smoothen the skin between her eyebrows. Now it looks like she’s looking angry at something. If that’s something you are going for it’s okay, but keeping it in mind that is Sansa, that facial expression is not characteristic to her. Can’t wait to see the updates, I think this project has a lot of potential. Now she looks more like tomb raider i think :smiley: BTW shrinking the eyes didn’t took away the stylized look you are looking for in my opinion.

Also, just noticed that the hair is weirdly wrapping behind her ear, if you would somehow fix that I think it would look much better. Now it kinda looks like that you were lazy to model the ear properly so you just hid it. You can still hide it but somehow more naturally.

hi, just found this, and I’m loving the progress and changes that you are making. Yeah, just like everyone else, smaller eyes seems to be better. however, I think shrinking her eyes a bit further could look a lot better. I don’t think it’s going to take away this caricature look, personally. Also, the direction her nostrils are pointing seems wrong. Also, liking the hair but the translucency at the end, (the brightness of her hair) needs to turn down a little.
Over all, I like it, just some things I’d like to point out, that’s all. I hope you didn’t find this offensive :slight_smile: Good luck with the final result!

Finally have an update. Started doing larger sample renders and they were taking forever so I lowered the samples and went with denoising. Did some editing to enhance the redness of the hair to make it stand out from all the blue. Increased the DoF. Tweaked the eyebrows. Changed up the hair around the ear based on NeverTilt’s critique. Shrunk the eyes and tweaked some of the shapes. Not sure on the background if I should go simple or more textured. Currently it is a blurred photo.

I will experiment with the nostril shapes tomorrow thanks zingzong

What reference images are you using?

change the hair to the other side. it looks like a dwarfbeard.