Sapling Tree Gen To Particles Help.

Hey all,

So I’m trying to create a landscape with trees. Lots of trees. Being a lazy human being I seem to be, I generated 24 unique trees using the Sapling Tree Gen add-on and textured them all. After trying to setup a particle system with them I became acutely aware of a problem. I was and still am being faced with naked trees and floating masses of leaves. Let’s just say that was not the look I was going for. Now after having taken a spin around my nearest web browser for awhile I’m still in a manner of speaking stumped.

(Not actual scene)

Is there a really simple answer I’m missing, or a helpful little check box I didn’t hit? Otherwise my options are:

I could go through each tree and join the leafs and trunk together, but then all my texturing would be gone with the wind so to speak.

I could hand place all my trees, but that’s a just too much work

Finally I could just start over and hand model all the trees.


why cant you join the leaves and trees together? are the leaves a particle system?

Each particle can only be one object. Join the leaves to the branches before you deploy them using the particle system. Make sure to assign your materials, however, before you perform the join.

I had the same problem, try this: