Sapling Tree Generator Tutorial


I just completed a tutorial for the great Sapling Tree Generator … hope you like it!
Please give me your comments!

If somebody has more tips and tricks I could include in the document, please let me know.

Here’s the link for download (hope it works … haven’t tried with Mediafire yet):

Wow that’s a very comprehensive and detailed manual you have written. Thank you very much!

You should post Bart on BlenderNation about it. :slight_smile:

Looks good. My only thing would be if you can have the index entries link to the titles.

good idea … done … the new version is now:

(funny … needed a tutorial about Openoffice to correct my tutorial :D)

Wonderful job. I love the texturing part. The only thing missing was some suggested tree setups at the end.

Very nice doc. This will come in very handy. This must have taken a lot of time to create, much appreciated. Thanks

Many thanks for all your comments!

-> I already wanted to do that … but I was a bit short in time and while it took longer and longer to think about presettings, I thought it might be a better idea to already release it for download.
When I’ve collected some nice presettings, I will include them.

Its fine, but should be more easy . If you use more example , then would be more helpful.
Best wishes for next.
Thank U

lean and tone

This is wonderful, thanks for your hard work…Blendernation should post this. I just get stucked yesterday for setting this add-on, thanks for handy tutorial overhere.

Wow! There was surely a lot of time and effort in this PDF. The sort of which you usualy have to buy. Thanks a ton. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this wonderful tutorial on the script Sapling ! :slight_smile:

Very nice documentation. Tnx:)

P.S. I maybe found a little mistake on page 20. Seem that conical and spherical pictures or its titles are swaped.


Does anyone know how to correctly texture leaves for Blender 2.64 ?

Rem.: To automatically create UV-coordinates with the leaves, Blender Version 2.62 is needed. In Blender Version
2.63 this feature seem to be disabled or corrupt!!

I didn’t know this doc, amazing work!

I have two versions of blender on my computer:

  • with 2.65 r 52259, when I have created the tree, there is no UV-coordinates set :

In this case, you have to click U and choose “reset”.

  • with 2.65 r54435 (latest version updated with a ppa), UV is correctly created :

so I suppose that for next official release 2.66, this bug will be corrected !

Thanks guizguiz this problem was really bugging me.