Sapphire - 16GB .. RX 570.. ? - for mining

So this comes from … what the side of the world.

16GB variant of RX 570, granted for mining… But still “might” be an interesting solution for GPU rendering, as memory won’t be an issue (iff you constantly go over 8GB).


Mine … if price is … .low, very very low, and not uses DDR3 or somethign wierd like that, then indeed it might be a good solution (cheap) for a render farm when rendering over 8GB’s.

I’m also curious about “mining” cards. I saw 'GTX 1080ti mining" for example at decent prices.
I do understand that such a card has no external ports (dmi, hdmi etc) so it will necessary be the second card in the system but… will it work for cycles (with the same results expected from a normal equivalent card)?
Tnx all in advance for any advice :wink:

that all depends on the driver support. There are some workarounds as per below, so if you manage to get a driver with CUDA running it will work (Unsure if mining driver has CUDA support or direct to the metal approach)