Sasha (Nudity)

hi everyone this would be my first post :smiley: I’ve been working on this model for about months since i just started 3d modeling a year ago and this is my first approach to women anatomy. i would like to hear critiques on how will i improve in anatomy, techniques, topology, anything that would help :smiley: ill be posting my work in progress. sorry for low res texture. Thank you everyone happy holidays! :slight_smile:

oops i forgot. My GOAL would be

  1. close as possible to the reference
  2. render as realistic as it can
  3. animate or pose? still need to be rig
  4. render in cycles or blender internal *which one is better to render?realistic images?
  5. learn SSS :slight_smile:
  6. and oh. hairs particles? or mesh hair? will experiment

ps. sorry for my bad english not my native language

more screen in perspective :slight_smile:

her fingers look a bit longish

@Modron yeah i think your right, after seeing your post i observe my hand. thank you! :slight_smile: will work on.

@Modron yeah i think youre right thank you for pointing that out. :smiley: will work on those

Overall proportions within the norm for the most part, though the knees are set a bit high and are rather massive compared to the rest of her legs. The volume of the calves is too little for the rest of her physique, need more muscle mass at the the rear. Upper body looks pretty good though she seems to have a very broad chest cavity in the area below the breasts. The lats seem exaggerated. Lower abdomen/belly looks good. The volumes describing the buttocks and upper thighs are kind of odd, though, as if she has unusual fat deposits in those areas, very high in the pelvic regions. The rest of her body is relatively slim so this would be out of proportion, and the distribution of the volumes is not anatomically accurate nor very aesthetic. Even in “curvier” women not very overweight or obese (and she does not fit that category overall), the curve from lower back into the gluteus maximus region is very smooth, and in the thighs the thickest cross-section is lower than you show, on a line just below the level of the pubis. The butt-cheeks could be pulled closer together in the midline region.

Thank you so much chipmasque for pointing that out! I appreciate it so much! I try to understand all those terms by googling it :slight_smile: since i don’t have much knowledge on anatomy. So far i tweak the mesh from what i understand and im having a hard time starting in those buttocks, pelvic regions, pubis and thighs you’ve explained. If i get it wrong would you mind paint over the screen so ill get the idea? I’ll turn off the texture for now… btw this is Sasha Grey :slight_smile: here is a screen in ortho. Again, thank you very much for sharing knowledge, cheers!

Here’s a paintover of the front & back views:

Most of the changes are pretty subtle – I did only the left halves of the views, so you could compare to the right half which was left unchanged.

If you want to do figures, both male and female, then you really should learn a great deal of artistic anatomy, otherwise you’re either just copying a photo ref (hard to do since it’s only one view) or struggling to interpret what the photo is showing. Without knowing how the bones and muscle masses and connective tissues work together, you’ll not have enough knowledge to get the resulting surface features looking right. It’s also nearly impossible to critique or comment on figures without referring to anatomy, so it’s a good language to learn.

Search on line for artists’ anatomy refs, there have been a number of classic works published lately in e-book form for free. Try and avoid photographic anatomy albums at first, or at least pay more attention to drawn anatomy lessons, they usually do a better job of focusing on what’s important. After you learn the basics, you can then learn to interpret photo refs much better.

@chipmasque thank you so much for the explanation. im still reading some free anatomy book online. so far i tweak the mesh and got into this :slight_smile: hope it looks better now


i want to add the details/shadow but i dont want to add edge loops, the mesh become more denser. should i start using multires and bake normals? and do you think the head is big compare to the body? by looking at ortho and perspe or it is just fine? wiki says Sasha Grey stands 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m). thanks for the C&C. anyone? :slight_smile: