Satellite Dishes

hello this is a very quick model i did pretty random but tell us what you think anyway. Not sure what i could do to render it or how to render it so please add some suggestions.

Here’s some general ideas.

The support structure and dish look very good, no ultra detailed, but at a distance they more than give a good impression. The bunker below could use some more work (think external panels, brush undergrowth, more door detail, mountings for the structure, etc).

Since this looks fairly militaristic, you might want to think about a setting now. Possibly a base of some sort, deep in the back woods. Next model a big perimeter fence, guard towers, some other bunker complexes, roadways, security perimeter, and so forth. Then naturally some trees (pines), foliage, maybe a few guards here and there.

For lighting and rendering, get some basic concrete textures, and lookup a post for a good scratched metal material. Get a handle on UV-mapping and you should be on your way. For the lighting, maybe a dusky night setting.

So a basic scene might be composited of a blue-ish violet ambient light and a very low power, but highly saturated orange/yellow sun setting on the horizon (sun light, directional, raytraced).

Also, dirt mapping through Ambient Occlusion is probably going to be faster here than Yafray, so give it a thought.