Satellite from "2001 A Space Odyssey"

Update to a very old project. See the original (awful) image here :, and the reference image here :

Flyby :

excellent job as always.

It doesn’t just have the german flag (as expected if it was made in germany or something, in place of a US flag for instance), it also has the cross. WOW, are we going for a war or something? LOL
OK joking. It is well done.
2001 will always be a reference film for SciFI scenes. Things go on, but, I never watched another SciFi film where space is silent. No sound, as expected on an empty of atmosphere vacuum. Only this wonderful music instead.
Explosions sound in space. Please…

Thanks !

The satellites in the film were originally planned to be orbiting nuclear weapons platforms, but this idea was ditched.

Couple of wireframes, becauses greebles are fun… about 500K verticies. The top part was made in Blender 2.3, the lower in 2.64. Sometimes I can be a little slow. :slight_smile:

making greebles is much easier in 2.6 because of the inset and bevel options, I have found.

Crap ! I should read the release notes more carefully… :stuck_out_tongue: