Saturday Python Meeting for scripts and python api questions

Saturday Python meeting

Same time as Sunday meeting - except on saturday

Meeting is Saturday 10th December; UTC/GMT 14 (CEST
16, Sao Paulo 11, MTL 10, CSST 09, PST 07, Sydney 00:00 .)

We should have python API gurus there so you can probably get some
help to ensure your script works with the latest and greatest Blender
release. Also we will probably do testing and determining which to
add for the 2.40 release.

Remember your scripts should have good documentation and should be GPL
compatible licensed to increase their odds of being bundled/bundlable.



For the meeting, what tool will we use?



sorry IRC on the Freenode server using #blendercoders

I’d link to the wikipage on the meetings I can’t reach addresses right now.


Letterrip: Hey. Everyone was joining at 15:00 CET (14:00 GMT :-), and was pissed and left again :wink:

Oh crud - I’m terribly sorry, I copied the times from the Blender wiki - and they hadn’t been adjusted for daylight savings in some areas and thus for some countries the time was given as an hour early.

So if you are still around and would like to attend - meeting is in 5 to 10 minutes.