Sauna House

I would like to share our project of Sauna Hose. It’s design for 8-12 people, with some lobby, showers, changing rooms, toilets, resting room, and terrace. It’s located over the lake. Renders are in very beginning stage, anyway lots of work was done. Rendered in Cycles, on GTX Titan Black with different render samples per layer, to shorten render time and Vram usage. All combined after in compositor.

Critique kindly requested

Other renders:

Great job! I really like it. My favorites are the first and fifth ones.

soo good! i cant believe its not butter! but the sauna house version of that. great design nice render (except those darn forest fireflies in render one). composition on one and five are awesome as pointed out by ShadowCamero. you’ve obviously nailed wood texturing and grass systems.
critique… i wouldnt like to sit on one of those chairs, please provide more comforting contours :slight_smile:
the water kinda looks solid in render 3.
maybe some light fittings??? for night saunas?
very clean work so far, keen to see this in finished projects :slight_smile:

Hi, it’s been a while… I’ve made an update, which I’d like to share.

Wow really good work… nice texturing…the last one looks totally amazing!!!

Looks really good.
When I see these realistic texturing I always wonder where people get these textures?
Are you getting them from cgtextures? And what about the different maps (normal, specular, and so on)?


I’m attaching wood node texture. Texture I made by my self from high quality picture bought from stockimage, then using PS made it seamless.
Texturing was a tricky part, as wood ends has own UV channel. It took about 2 hours to texture it. Every single wood beam was done separately to avoid repeating part in same view… pretty annoying but seems to be worth it.

Interior images took about 9h to render 1500 samples using GTX TitanBlack, exterior 3-4H with 800samples, Glass was rendered as another layer with alpha (transparency 50%) with 600samples. Scene itself is to big to fit in Vram, so it was divided into layers, rendered separately and composited after. Boats were added at the and in PS. All colour grading was done in Blender compositor.

And compositor setup