Savanna Gold Blend

A poster for a fictional Brand of Gin
I rarely ever finish projects, its nice to see one move to the finished pile (that makes 3). Comments and critiques always welcome!

Modelled in Blender 3D
Rendered in Luxrender
Post Production in Photoshop

Render Time: 13 Hours


nice job. Looks very realistic.

I like the concept. A few crits -

  • It’s very dark.
  • The logo on the tumbler? to the left is very low
  • The composition is crowded - the borders feel as though they are containing the contents. The logos are pretty understated - they would be very visible in an ad. I’d brighten them up a bit.

can I have the blend to learn from
looks great
I rarely ever finish things either
If I did I would probably have thousands of renders
spend most of my time learning how to do things new and less on completing projects

@sonic 14 thanks i’m glad you like it!!

@3Dmedieval thanks for the advice. I can see what you mean about logo being too low but its not a texture on the shaker. when I finish my exams I’ll mess around with it some more :slight_smile:

@darkcgi thanks yeah no problem i’ll upload it when i get home :slight_smile:

As requested the .blend file hope you find it useful :). Also I recommend this"]Blender cookie tutorial


Savanna Gin.blend (1.46 MB)

this is beautiful. g/j!

d/l the blend file now :slight_smile:

I think the framings a bit off. Why so close to the shaker? Why so close together all up? The ratio of width:height looks like it’d fit around a light pole or something, instead of a bus shelter where it deserves to be.

Also, the shaker sorta looks like plastic metal-look-a-like. Make it look cheap basically (if it were real). Cant’ quite put my finger on what it is though (maybe the reflections arnt’ sharp enough? Or it isnt’ dark enough? You can’t see into it? I don’t know).

thanks, I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile: hope the blend file helps!!


the image ratio i used was from a poster in my room. I’m happy that you think that it should be on a bus shelter. As for the shaker i used the brushed metal texture from the lux database i tried some renders with a more reflective material but it didn’t look right.