Save a screen shot in real time?

I want to know if there is a way to take screenshots in real time, for example, I want to take a screen of my game, so i press a button and my runtime saves the image for me on the same folder as the game is running.
I really need it for my projects, but i dont have enough knowled of python to make it.

 from Rasterizer import makeScreenshot

Where does it save the picture? I tried that today but couldn’t find the image I saved… (o.0)

Where does it save the picture? I tried that today but couldn’t find the image I saved… (o.0)


Letun you are allways helping me, i ll tryhere.
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The printscreen is saved in .raw, there is a way to make it JPG? or something like that?

I m having problems with this, i dont know how to use it very well.
Please explain me a little better, sorry to make you waste your time.
I receive this message:

Python error compiling script - controller “screen#CONTR#1”
File"screen", Line 1
from Rasterizer import makeScreenshot

I found a code that save myscreenshots but it saves just one screen, im waiting for any help, thanks

import Rasterizer

Hey someone can help me with this, im stuck yet.
Please help!

Assuming that you mean auto naming for the screenshots. Simply add a property that keeps count of your screenshots made and convert it to a string and add it to the end of your screenshot name. Also, you should probably save the property in some separate file so that it doesn’t get reset every time you restart the game. (So that you don’t end up saving over your old screens)

See the attached file for what I mean. :slight_smile:

[edit] Just a quick question regarding the path to the folder where the screens get saved. How would I set it up so that I can save it in the local directory where my Blend file (or game in that case) is? I tried “…/Screens/ScreenShot” but that would only save it in the Blender Foundation folder… does that mean that once I have made my game that it would save the screens wherever the Blender Player is? Just curious as I can’t just use “C:/MyGame” as its pretty obvious that not everyone who would install the game would automatically install it in that directory…



ScreenShot.blend (128 KB)

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add “.png” to the name of the file to save as a png image file.

thank you all for the suport, if i cold help you ins something just ask