Save Cams [Blender2.8ver]

Thanks for reporting the bug.
I fixed the pointed out and also other unsupported point in ver2.2.1.

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Thanks for the fix - resaving works now like a charm! :pray:

ver2.4.0 Updated

Bug fix / Enhanced background rendering

The menu has been translated into Japanese and the background rendering function has been enhanced.
The Save Cams add-on also works with Blender 2.90.

Batch rendering bug fix

  • Fixed an issue where batch rendering did not work in Blender 2.9

Enhanced background rendering capabilities

The ability to render blend files on the command line has been enhanced to make it one of the major menus.

  • Rendering an external blend file
  • Use an output path different from the scene settings
  • Render another scene
  • Change the number of seeds
  • A copy of the generated command text
  • Change to scene properties to make it easier to run repeatedly with the same settings

important point

  • This feature only allows normal rendering
  • You can check the progress of rendering from the console screen
  • To interrupt the command line rendering, press ctrl + C in the console window

Japanese support

Some menus and function explanations are now available in Japanese.


Added some items that can be accessed from the Property Editor> Output icon.
You can switch between using grease pencils and composite nodes.

Wow this addon turned into a beast! So much option and improvement! nice. Ill will stick with the free, for me thats perfect, ill will keep the paid in mind. Perhaps in near feature i do need more options.

Nice work!

I remember i also added the camera options in the 2.79 version many years ago. I liked how simple this addon was. Though i missed options so i added them myself :slight_smile:
I see youve done the same, but you’ve gone bananas with it :wink: