Save Cams [Blender2.8ver]

Saves and Reloads camera positions and settings

There is no need to manage camera angles with key frames or duplicate cameras.


The add-on Original Author is Couzar Michel (BlenderArtists name : cmomoney).
I updated to Blender 2.8, and features have been added and improved.

Can be stored data

If the active object is not a camera, it operates on the scene camera.
You can load to any camera.

  • Camera position / rotation
  • Camera type
  • Camera lens
  • Rendering resolution

Release notes

ver1.6.0 Compatibility with Blender2.8-Added and improved display items in the list

  • Assignment / deletion can be set in the list
  • The saved information can be checked and changed
  • The menu is displayed even when the camera is not selected.
  • When no camera is selected, the scene camera is targeted
  • Changed the menu display location from the add-on settings.
  • Use saved camera name as setting name
  • Changed the version name notation from 0.0.5 to 1.6.0

:movie_camera: Thanks, works great! :pray:

ver1.7.0 Added batch rendering function

Batch render for list, scene cameras, selected cameras, and cameras in a specific collection.


  • Render using this add-on list
  • If there is a key frame in the scene camera position or focal length, it will not work properly
  • In that case, please “mute” the channel
  • There is a bug that the scene camera position etc. remains changed after rendering


  • Render the cameras present in the scene


-Render the selected camera


  • Render the cameras in the specified collection

Tested latest but I’ve this error

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.81\2.81\scripts\modules\ad", line 351, in enable
    mod = __import__(module_name)
  File "C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.
81\scripts\addons\", line 577, in <module>
NameError: name 'SAVECAMS_OT_cam_render_op' is not defined

I’m using official 2.81 release

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ver1.7.1 Bug fix

The bug that the add-on file of “Save Cams ver1.7.0” cannot be activated was fixed.
I forgot to delete one line.

I am sorry.
The bug was fixed in ver1.7.1.
Thank you for reporting bugs!

Confirmed. now it’s working but…
I’ve another issue.
Simple scene.
One light, default cube and 2 cams.
Set different and custom resolutions for each camera.
run batch render (I’m using luxcore but I think it’s the same with the other engines) and , at the end, one of the camera vanish but the cam node still visible in the outliner.
I’ve checked better and the “vanished” camera actually is positioned in the same position (and orientation) of the other one but the camera gizmo is not fully visible, just the yellow rectangle and the pivot point.

ver1.8.0 Enables batch rendering of animation and all scenes

Divided files for sale into ver1.6.0 Only and full version.

Batch rendering of animation is now possible

Added rendering options for all scenes

  • Render one scene camera for each scene
  • The output file name in this option will use the output settings of each scene in the same way as normal rendering.
  • If the scene camera has not been set, it will be skipped if the scene camera rendering enable / disable setting is disabled

Added renderability option

  • In the case of list batch rendering, it can be set from the list render icon
  • For scenes, selections, and collections, consider whether camera objects can be rendered

Display with a rendering message

The following message is displayed.

  • ‘Camera name to render’: Number executed / scheduled
  • The menu now also displays the number of appointments to be rendered

Abort with escape key during execution

Make it easier to exit a modal if the operation fails for any reason

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an error was output and failed when an object was not selected in Cycle Up / Down
  • Fixed an issue where camera types such as perspective could not be saved

This is probably due to a known bug that could not return the camera position etc. after rendering.
In ver1.8.0, it was corrected to restore the position etc., so I think the problem has been improved.
if the same problem occurs again in ver1.8.0, Please let me know.

when batch rendering multiple camera positions/angles does the addon reload the scene each time new camera is about to be rendered? eevee renders quickly but iF it has to reload the scene each time then it adds up A LOT of wasted time so if i could batch render all the cameras without reloading it would be great

Each time you render, the scene is loaded.
(Every time you perform a render, there is a time when Blender will not be able to operate, so it probably loads the scene data at that time)

This is because the rendering with this add-on is done using the normal rendering function.
I agree that it would be very useful to omit this process.
However, add-ons may not have access to the detailed rendering internals.

Save Cams ver1.9.0 Allows post-setting changes / Detailed rendering information menu

Camera save function

  • You can now select the elements you want to load from the post-settings when loading
  • Frame ranges are now saved
    -Off by default when reading. If you also want to read the frame range, please enable the check
  • Changed the name of the function
    • Change [Assign] to [Load]
    • Change [ReAssign] to [Resave]
  • Display message in header when saving camera data

Added Detailed rendering information menu

Added a menu that allows you to view information related to rendering at once.
You can check information about the current scene and all scenes.

Dimension panel replacement

Replace [Render → Dimension Panel] to show more information.
(This feature combines the menus of the Render Check List add-on.
The Render Check List add-on has been deprecated and combined with Save Cams. )
Can be disabled in settings.

Add view layer list

Added a list of view layers that were in Blender2.79.
Added icons that can be rendered individually.
Can be disabled in settings.

Other changes

  • Split and organized add-on files

Thank you!! I will definitely check this out.