[Addon] Store Camera Locations

Great Tool! Maybe you could insert the Camera Locked/Unlocked as well…

hi any news for able to save/load a recorded preset lock coordinate XYZ ?
every time loaded camera preset the desired XYZ lock will be also loaded
Thank you

On the DOF issue, the only settings I would suggest making assignable would be:

  • distance
  • object target

These are the sort of thing that really would vary depending on location change. The focus amount (blur size) is more of a rendering decision.

Great, this seems what i was looking for. Ill give it a test run. Thanks for the great work!

I notice one thing, when i assign a setting to a camera and switch the scene camera. The last settings stays on the camera even when a other camera is selected which has different settings assigned. Am i doing something wrong or does assign not work properly?

The translation is some how messed up. When moving Camera A and you switch to Camera B using scene>camera, camera B has also moved.

I thought this would switch settings automatically when you switch between camera’s. I need to do this manually now and this somehow seems to also be bugging the translation. Perhaps it uses global translation and not per camera translation. Does it actually look at the camera name or just the object as camera?

The purpose for this addon is basically to replace the need for multiple cameras for different camera positions/settings. So, instead of having camera A and B, you would have one camera with positions A and B.

I’ve actually rewritten this addon and plan on releasing it after a little more polishing.

The position isnt working properly than, when camera A has its position updated, this also reflects on camera B or is this intended?

PS i could use parts of your code to perhaps make something which stores the per camera settings and switches these when that camera is actually active. Without the need to be clicking in the settings.

There shouldn’t be a camera B. Its for one camera, multiple positions.

Aha i think i understand my cause then. I had placed multiple cameras, thinking per camera settings will be saved

Per camera settings will be saved for each list item. The selected camera will move to the location and change its settings based on the saved camera in the list.

Thanks for this good job

Sorry for the late reply, know i get the translation then. But i think other camera’s move as well when camera B is moved, is that correct?

Fantastic! Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for this great add-on.

One behaviour I would prefer, would be that selecting the name (eg cam2) would automatically switch to that camera without having to press the assign camera button. That’s faster and more intuitive and prevents confusion from having cam3 selected, but cam1 assigned.

It works this way in the new version, I just haven’t had time to complete the last little features I wanted before re-releasing.

What also be great if more specs of the camera could be added. Is this addon on gitHub so i can have a try at it?

That’s great! Looking forward to it.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and I think this qualifies. I’m sure this will come in handy on setting up multiple-camera scenes.

You know, it’s sort of strange that Blender doesn’t have this feature built in already.

Thanks, cmomoney.

Thanks for this. Very useful!

A very good add-on.:laughing:
It seems that it has not been updated to Blender2.8, so I updated to Blender2.8 and made some improvements.
I thank the original author.



Nice. I really like the improvements.