[Addon] Store Camera Locations

Hi all.

This simple addon allows you to store and name camera locations/rotations, focal length, and render resolution. You can then assign any camera to the stored location by selecting it and clicking the Assign button(camera icon), which will move the camera to the stored location. I needed something like this and I couldn’t find it, so here it is. I’m open to suggestions to make it better.

plus sign - Stores current camera position as a new entry in the list.
magnified plus sign - Stores camera position based on current 3D view.
refresh button - Stores current camera position to selected entry, overwriting any previous location.
minus sign - Remove entry from the list.
camera button - Move selected camera to selected entry location.
Up/Down arrows - Cycles through stored camera positions.

Hope you find it useful.

current version 0.04
-added focal length and render resolution to saved properties

save_cams.zip (2.21 KB)

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nice work, I wonder is it similar to the stored views in contrib. might be worth a merger.

This is really nice, now I won’t have to always make new cameras. Thanks!

Updated to add some new features and error prevention.

hi again cmomoney i assigned shortcut keys to next and previous since im going to use it a lot.

problem : if i assigned a hotkey to next / previous command button and trigger it where
camera is not selected nor any object in 3D view the last object i selected will be move

like this in GIF

can you add a rule
cycle next / previous will only work on camera object it ignore mesh / lamps / etc

thank you for this plugin

Okay, I’ve updated it. But instead of having it ignore other objects, I made it move the active camera. That way you won’t have to reselect the camera to cycle through with the shortcut. Is that okay?


Ive just tested and now it only moving the active camera
thank you for fast update

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

It might be cool to have an option for saving camera focal length setting too. What do you think?

Sure, that should be easy enough. Is that the only other setting?

cmomoney, great addon,very useful. I sometimes find I have up to 20 cameras in some scenes lol. This has helped tidy up my scenes. You ask is there any other settings we would like stored, how about DOF. And I dont know if its posible but can you save render resolutions, there are loads of times I want to switch from landscae to portrait for different camera. Failing that is it posible to save specific reder regions within a camera.

Thanks mate, if you can do this it will save a massive amount of work.

DOF has a lot of settings, do you mean all of them? Resolutions are do-able, regions I wouldn’t know how to do that.

cmomoney, thanks mate. Yeah the resolution store would be the most important setting for me. DOF is very rarely ued and It could be set manually. But het thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated mate.

Updated. See original post.

I agree, lens angle and resolution would be most useful as these relate to the FOV directly (though I don’t usually mess much with resolution within a project). Other DOF settings more likely to be tweaked later on.

Its in latest update. :slight_smile:

cmomoney, Thanks mate. This is so awesome now. You have cleaned up my scenes no end. Thanks agan.

Cool, glad its working for you.

Hi again id like to Suggest

  1. can you add library or grouping function


  1. lock coordinates can be also Recorded ( X , Y , Z ) Rotation / Location

Thank you again for adding new function FOV

  1. The pic isn’t loading so I don’t quite understand what you mean.
  2. I’m pretty sure I can do that.

Help me understand the first request and I’ll get on an update soo.