Save Dynamic Runtime?

What does Save Dynamic Runtime do and how do you use it? Is it for saving the .exe without needing the dlls?

It is for when you make up a game in blender. You would save the runtime to so to say export your game. It makes an exe that will run a game you have made in blender, but without you having to have blender or be running blender.

he means something different, there is “save runtime” and there is “save dynamic runtime”

I would also like to know what “save dynamic runtime” does

it was originally like the difference between the static and dynamic versions of blender [for linux]

now there is no static runtime, only a dynamic one [and the make dynamic runtime option doesn’t work]

a static runtime wouldn’t need any extra dlls, the sound dll and such would be included in the exe. A dynamic runtime would need extra dlls, currently the make runtime option makes a dynamic runtime and the dynamic runtime option is broken.

ahh, thanks for clearing that up.

Hi Guys Just started using blender, been working through a couple of tutorials on the game engine and when I try to save the runtime I get an error message ( unable to make runtime:unable to find runtime) I’ve even tried to use the save dynamic runtime option and get the same message can anyone help?

This post is long dead… That’s a new error though… Interesting… Did you try saving it inside a diferent directory?

I don’t know what to tell you, Clarky. The only time I ever generated that error was when I tried out “Save Dynamic Runtime” (which I now know doesn’t work). If you make your runtime using “Save Runtime” you shouldn’t generate an error. If that won’t work (for some strange reason) there are other ways of making a standalone version of your game. Read my article “How do I publish my game?” for more info.

is there a way to make a runtime out of an animation? i read somewhere thats it possible and that you can then rename it to scr to have ur animation and or game become a screensaver

does anyone know how to save an animation that way?