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Taking Monsters advice, I am making a new thread for my question.

So I have two scenes, one pause scene which you can click exit and continue(along with some others), and another game scene, but the thing is when I click “p” to pause (I use set scene “Pause”, it pauses, but when I press Play, (also says set scene “game”, it starts the scene from the beginning, not from where I left off, I really hope you now how to answer my question.

Thanks BJT:RocknRoll:

What script are you using?Are you using monster’s script?

Make sure the setup for resume is the scene resume logic brick, not the scene set logic brick.

sdfgeoff, didn’t work.:(.
3d solar system builder, I am not using a script.

(I use set scene “Pause”

also says set scene “game”

This is your problem, it should be ‘suspend scene’ and ‘resume scene’ pointing at your game scene. If you want to add an overlay scene, then use ‘add overlay scene’ to add the pause screen.

If that honestly doesn’t work, then I’d like to see a blend as there’s no other obvious fix.

I got a better way to put it, say in a game you have a house, and you walk into it then it switches scene so your inside of it, but the outside is the same when you exit this scene. how would you use the scene actuator?
I am only saying this because of the way my menu works.

You wouldn’t put them on different scenes. (unless it was something like Pokemon). Instead it would be preferable to use LOD to only have the inside visible when you were really close.

And now I am confused about what you want to do.
Do you want to:

  • Pause/resume a game
  • Pause/resume a game where you can close the game between them
  • Save a game
  • Make a house