Save problem

Alright so I’ve working on this game for a very long time- and now I’m trying to save it. However blender say’s it can’t because of some “too many open files” bs. Does anyone know how to get around this- because every time this happens to me I lose everything.

Can you please upload a picture of the error? or the .blend file?

Opening it up in a different version of blender then saving it works though. So solved wierdly I guess- still don’t know why it does that. Mouse movement makes the error dissapear so no can do- the blend file is not affecting it either. It’s like blender itself. In fact when I couldn’t save whenever I looked in the file browser I could see no files anywhere on my computer. So like I said very weird.

I used to use blender at school, running from my flash-drive. One time a teach walked up, unplugged the drive and said “What’s this?” So I show them blender, which was running off the drive. It worked well without the drive, and the teacher gave me back my flash-drive. Then time came to save.
Blender froze and crashed at that point, even though I’d plugged the drive back in.

That was blender 2.49b. I’ve no idea if it still does that on 2.5, or if it’s the cause of your problems.

But check that the folder containing blender does not move, even for a moment, from where it is when you start running it.

Your problem sounds slightly different. How many blenders do you have open? Did some crash before you try to save?

Only one and no crashing. Everything’s fine one moment- can’t save the next.