Save the city after work

Hello everyone, here is my latest artwork created with free Sketchfab models.

The half-tones have been added in the post-processing phase with Photoshop.

Thank you to the Sketchfab artists that have shared their 3D models:
Thunder, Bohdan Lvov, Antoine Dresen, ExposedLeaf, RoutineStudio, 3dhdscan 1 2 design Igor Kieryluk, artfletch 1 2 3 4, karlwirbelwind.

Comments & critics welcome



Very nice! Could you please add the links to the Sketchfab models, as required by the CC-BY license?

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


thanks Bart appreciate it! I made the artists name clickable with the links. Have a great weekend


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


thank you Bart! :tada: and thanks again to the Sketchfab artists. It’s very cool to be able to tell stories using their models :+1:


Looks fantastic. Is the third render the only input image you used in Photoshop? I mean you didn’t use any non-photorealistic rendering, only this clay render?

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thanks! The third image is an ambient occlusion render to display what the 3D scene looks like without any textures. In Photoshop, I used a regular beauty render with the textured shaders and retouched on top. By the way, the half-tones brushes I used in PS are free and can be found here. You can access that download page from Photoshop directly. It is found in the brush panel, in the top-right drop-down menu, “Get more brushes”.

Thank you for the info. I’m looking for ways to create graphic illustrations with help of 3d for posing characters etc. Something like ink or the halftone effect you achieved.