Saved scene exploding

Upon opening a saved scene several of the objects are moved/scaled/rotated from their original positions when I saved it. I noticed that these objects have animation keyframes in the timeline(I believe I accidentally enabled autokeying), but scrubbing the timeline does nothing. What is going on here, and why on earth would this happen when opening a saved scene? I’ve also noticed this behaviour sometimes when I import/export .fbx files. It’s driving me insane.

I use Blender purely for modeling so have no experience with the animation tools, but I noticed that this random translation was also happening while modeling in the scene. I would have to ctrl+Z to fix it. I’m using 2.83 so have no idea if this is a bug or what?

Also, I’ve noticed that applying transforms and using the ‘visual geometry to mesh’ command sometimes shoots objects off in crazy translations. I’m a long time 3ds Max user so I’m used to just collapsing the Xform(apply transformations) and never have to worry about this craziness happening.

I want to get to the root of this because it’s seriously interrupting my modeling in Blender. Thanks.