saving an action to nla strip

ive made a walkcycle that worked using the stride bones, and i realy dont want to make a walkcycle and make another stride bone.

  • is there a way to save a nla strip and use it wen i need to have the character walk
  • is there a way to alter the walkcycle the way i need to make running sneeking limping . without makeing a whole nother one

Let’s call what you have now “Walk”; its Action will be AC:Walk. Click the X to unlink it in the Action window. Now “Add New” and call it “Sneek” (AC:Sneek). If you look in the IPO and Action windows now they will be empty.

So now you use the same rig (rig includes the Path and the Stride Bone) and pose and Keyframe it to do all the things you want it to do while sneeking (actually spelled sneaking); hold the arms out to balance; take longer steps (Loc-Y on the Char-Bone); keep his feet lower to the ground (Loc-Y on the Stride-Bone), etc…

This adds a new set of IPO’s and Keyframes to the AC:Sneek. It doesn’t affect anything in AC:Walk. If you select AC:Walk in the Action window you will see that all the IPO’s and Keyframes are still exactly as you set them originally.

Now you can do the same for Run, Limp, Look Shifty, Stumble, making each one a seperate Action.

Once you have them all done you goto the NLA window and create a Strip for each, change the icon from Action to Strip, drag them to the frames you want them to start at, Hit N and set the Blend-In and Blend-Out times and anything else you want to set in that tab.


fank foo lots, but wat if i want to just save it and im not sure im not goin to use it, is there a way to have an action saved but not shown in the animation?

Yeha - If you select the action editor, and then click the little X by the name of the action, the action should still be selectable from the dropdown menu (for when you need it, later), but the if you press ALT + A, nothing will happen.

If there’s no actions loaded into the action editor, then maybe you need to restet your armature in pose mode. When the armature’s in pose mode, hit ALT + R and ALT + G to clear the rotation, and the location settings. This’ll move the armature, and the mesh, back to how it was before the keys for your action were applied.