saving animation as .avi or .mov

I can’t figure out how… I use the latest blender and I can’t find anywhere to say save as movie or something instead of save image :frowning:

By the latest you mean one from the CVS right!? They aren’t official releases, so they could have things missing or that don’t work the same way that in the official release. Try to download other build, may fix your problem :wink:

I downloaded the official release from

Strange! In mine they are all there, Quicktime, AviJpeg, AviRaw and AviCodec…
What is your operation system? Im using windows :expressionless: Perhaphs if you reinstall Blender…

I use a mac, and I have all those option too but when I select one and go to save image, it still says it’s saving a jpeg, and either way it saves the file as a tba or something like that :(.
thanks papasmurf but though those images are exactly like my version of blender, but it doesn’t explain what to do as in what buttons to press or info to change etc. :frowning:

you should be able to select AVI-JPEG as your output, then click ANIM. The single avi file will be created for the length of frames specified in the Sta: to End: fields. It will be named somethin like 0001-0100.avi, where the two numbers are the start and end frame numbers.

This imageexplains what PapaSmurf discribed.
Sorry I wasn’t understanding your dificultie :o you see if you save a image only the corrente image in the render buffer will be saved and to the format you have secified, but if that format is one of the movie formats it will save the image always to Jpeg :smiley:
Oh!! Don’t forget to set the frame start and frame end of your animation :wink:

thanks problem cleared up now!