Saving artist information with blend file?


I had a look but cannot see anything relating to saving the artists name/information with a blend file, is this possible?



you can always add it in the text editor
or use the compositor to watermark your render !

you could add a Var on each object with your name
but a bit tedious to do

happy bl


In 2.80: Properties Editor > Output tab > Metadata dropdown > Note checkbox enables a type-in field. This is intended for marking renders, but is saved in the blend file.


Thanks for the replies, both are useful answers.


This also might be useful.

Also scrolling down to the end of this article there might be a utility to add meta data to any type of file. I think if that works it might be something that could be embedded into the file itself and never go way or be able to be edited - unless someone has the utility I suppose.

I have never tried this.

There is probably something similar for the mac.

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Thanks Richard, I will take a look :slight_smile:


Y’know, come to think of it, “it is rather interesting” that this sort of authorship information hasn’t – as far as I can readily see – been included in blend-files. In retrospect it seems like an obvious omission. Likewise “version codes,” “copyright information,” and so on. Oh, well.

Sure, they provide an informal way to do it, but …

A lot of other apps have this feature which is what I was kinda expecting, but no probs, the solutions provided are okay for my purposes.