Saving doesn't retain changes

Noob here

Using version 2.75.

After making small changes to a file (very slight repositioning of one object), and saving the file (by a new name), when I reopen the file, the object is again in the wrong (former) position. I’ve rebooted and restarted Blender to no avail.

Why can’t it perform a simple save as this? Is this an issue with the latest release, or something else?

Have you added any location keyframes to the object or any parenting / constraints that will influence its position

Please supply blend file for review

My file is very basic and has (to my knowledge) none of these things.
How do I supply the source file? I see no attachment icon.

Attach file by using the ‘Go Advanced’ options or
Upload to and tell us the download link


Thanks for taking a look.


lens helmet3.blend (5.22 MB)

You have keyframed its location on frame 403.
Yellow colour = keyframed at current frame number
Green colour = keyframed at some other frame number

RMB on the location settings and select ‘Delete Keyframes’


I did not do this by intention. Had to be a keyboard or mouse click mistake. I am so new to Blender, I don’t even know how to set (or rest) keyframes in the first place. Will report results shortly.

Shortcut to keyframe a value the mouse cursor is over is I

You nailed it. It saved fine after deleting the keyframe.

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