Saving fluid simulation frame mesh


When I was learning how to do soft body modelling, I intuitively was able to save mesh at the frame I wanted by applying the soft body modifier.

But with fluid modelling, the modifyer doesn’t appear. What I want to do is save the state of the mesh, of say, frame #10, so that I can edit it and use it in my scene.

What am I missing? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I do see the bobj and bvel files in the disk cache…is there a way to use these?

Select the fluid object after baking and look at your edit buttons, there should ba a modifier for fluid sim with apply next to it.


Hmmm, well that’s what I was looking for. Maybe this is something with version 247? I simply don’t have it. The first screenie shows what I’m seeing, the second is what I see if I hit Tab while that object is selected, showing the domain.


That is one thing that kinda confuses me, too. When I select the deformed mesh, and hit tab, is that indeed the domain box? And the the objects disappear. Kinda weird.

Hey! I upgraded to 248a and now the modifier button appears.

Blender rocks so freaking hard it’s not even funny :smiley: