saving in avi-format


I’m relative new with blender. I created a animated scene and would like to save it as an avi video. How can I do this in blender?? I only found “save image”…

I need help…please…


just go to the render buttons. There you’ll see a button with the name targa on it. Press it, and a menu will drop down. Select avi, and the push the button called anim.

In the render window (F10), under the save file settings, there is AVI RAW ot AVI JPEG. Set to one of these and then press ANIM button to render your animation.

Take note that these 2 formats will save your animation with no compression and thus, the file sizes will be huge. You will need to compress these using and external program such as Virtualdub, (

I would suggest also down loading the DivX bundle to obtain the DivX codec, as this seems to give the best compression with the best quality.


Thank you!!


It would also be a good idea to press the Extensions button on the left side of the render buttons window. This automatically adds the “.avi” to the end of the file, so you don’t have to rename it manually (a good thing for lazy people like me :stuck_out_tongue: )