saving in virtualight

(BMD) #1

i can’t seem to find a way to save the render in virtualight…



(paradox) #2

Are you using the Virtualight gui? What it does is save a copy of the render in the same folder as the vib and vis files as a targa.

(BMD) #3

are you sure, because it isn’t there… is there something I have to do to get it to work?
and is there a refrence of the python commands for lightwave somewhere?

Sorry i meant VirutaLight***


(paradox) #4

Hmm has always worked for me. When you hit the render button in VL does it build a thumbnail? If so it should also put a copy in your folder , you should have a mesh folder and vis file a vib file and a targa picture after the first render. python commands for lightwave ? not sure what you mean about that. Make sure you read the python script for blender included with VL it has important information about using it. Also I believe on the Virtualight site is a FAQ on using the Blender python script.
Also are you getting any error messages when you render in VL?