Saving & Loading Player Position (Video Tutorial - Arsenal RSL)

Hey everyone!

I’ve just uploaded a video on how to save and load your player’s position in the Blender Game Engine! I’ll leave the link below for those who are interested! :wink:

I do upload several BGE tutorials a week, so if you want updates don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! :wink:

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Blender - Saving & Loading Player Position (Python):

Are you taking tutorial request?

I can, as long as I’m able to do it. :wink:

Could you make a tutorial about using those x and y values to load another scene when they both reach certain numbers?

You mean loading a new game scene where an object loads their position using those same numbers?

Yes that is what I mean?

That sounds like the opposite of what you asked.

Do you want to change a scene when two properties are bigger than (or equal to) some value?

Equal to some values.

That’s just two property sensors, and AND controller and a scene actuator.

I want to know how it would be done in python because logic bricks seem to drop the framerate to much.Especially the radar sensor.At one time i used four properties one for north,one for south,one for west and one for east.But it drop the frame rate too much.I would like a better solution.I believe a python version that does not rely on sensors would be better.

Doesn’t work for me. COuld it be because of the version of blender I’m using? I’ve got 2.76

Off topic:

In some cases, you could use a plane, set to ghost, actor, invisible, or sensor, instead of a radar. You wouldn’t get the full range of detection that you would get with a radar. But in some cases, maybe you wouldn’t need to. Like enemy eyes, for example. instead of an empty with a radar, it’s just a plane shaped like a cone. Parented to the enemy. It works for me in some cases, but not all.