Saving Problem

I’ve been wondering…some things I save work VERY slowly,but some things I save work nice and fast.Why do only some work slow??? :<

run slowly in the 3d view? they render slowly? slow in the game engine?they eat your brain slowly?

Thats a pretty vague question. What is in these files you are saving? If there is a high poly count and your graphics card cant handle it, or if you have an ATI card that can cause Blender to run slow internally. If you mean during rendering, you probably have an older processor. Are you loading huge textures, movies, or sounds in? Lots of factors go into what will effect speed.


No,i did not add sound or movies or anything like that.The rendering goes fast but it just goes slow everywhere,even in the buttons window.Ill do border select tool and it will pop up real fast but then it wil take 10 seconds to select the vert.And all thats in the file is a simple face I’ve been working on.Also,i have a file of a different face that is close to the same that runs very fast.

Ok, but did you check your graphics card? What kind is it? If it is ATI, chances are that is your problem.