saving soft body animation as RVKs

The ability to ‘bake’ game engine physics into IPO curves is fantastic -

Is there a similar way of converting the mesh changes from a soft-body animation into Relative Vertex Keys so you can actualy get at the vertex coordinates and use them as parents for other objects for example.

I know the soft body BAKE facility writes the mesh coordinates for each sampled frame somewhere, and the vertex count doesnt change during a soft body animation, so it should be possible to do this.

Any ideas ?? Have I missed something everyone else knows about ?.

Doesn’t parenting objects to vertices work on meshes with softbodies?


Not for me … The softbody objects seem to forget about all there parent/child relationships, modifiersand constraints when the animation starts.

What I’m trying to do is model a chain dropping to the ground. The chain is too high vertex to do a full softbody animation, so the idea is to softbody animate a line of vertices, use these as hooks onto control points in a curve, to make the curve reenact the baked softbody motions, and use the curve to deform the fully modelled chain mesh.

It turns out that curves can do soft-body animation as well as meshes, and the Curve Deform modifier is aware of the instantaneous state of a controlling curve, so the mesh being modified by the curve gets modfied by the soft-body animated curve.

This will do fine !!

I just tried this, and yes it does work.

You are absolutey right - it does now - I don’t know what was wrong before.

Anyway, using a softbody modifier on a curve and then using that curve to deform a mesh model of a line of chain links works absolutely beautifully.

Thanks for comments.