Saving Window Settings

Been away from Blender for a while, but now that I have time, and the great new Orange features (the noodle compositor is great!) have been released, it seems like a good time to get back into it.

I’m working on a dual-display machine, but sometimes carrying my scenes around on a laptop as well. I’d like to have different window layouts for the two machines; a more standard setup on the laptop, while the 2-screen desktop has half the screen devoted entirely to the modeling view for example, and the other half to button bars and such things.

Is it possible to override the window settings saved in a .blend with ones local to a particular machine? Is it possible to do the same with render settings also (on the desktop I need to enable threads and like to render previews a little larger than on the laptop)?

With render settings i don’t think so, but you can keep your layout when your load a new file.
Press F1 (open), in that window’s header you have an activated button (Load UI), deactivate it to load just the scene, keeping the UI.

Maybe just create new sceen setups for the drop down screen selector? (not sure of terminology here) top of blender screen-says sr:2-model. Make new ones as you like, only takes a mo to select on the machine you are using.

Just open up Blender, make the windows how you want them, and press CTL-U to save the defaults. :slight_smile: Blender will load up with the exact same windows in the exact same posistion everytime it starts.

rm5248: as far as I know, CTRL-U only applies to new files; when you then save a .blend file and take it to another machine, the window settings are saved to the .blend and the CTRL-U defaults aren’t used.

Roy: all of those are saved in the .blend file, and override local settings. I actually have all of those workflow modes set up with different window layouts. For example, on my laptop, SR4:Sequence uses the Blender default, which is a nice compact layout. On the 2-monitor setup, rather than the sequence view being in the lower 50%, it is on the left 50%. That way, when the window is stretched across two monitors, the entire left monitor is devoted to that view.

MADCello: thanks for pointing that out! Somehow I’ve never noticed that little button sitting there. Now I just need to find some way of preserving render settings, or maybe a script for setting up render presets that I can quickly choose.