Saving Wireframe as Image

Hello all…

I know this is simple and I’ve seen it done before, but I’m failing to remember how. I have a wireframe view of my objects that I want to save to an image file so I can use it as an outline for a 2D drawing. How do I do this?

you can either save it with opencl on bottom header of viewport
or add a wire node in cycles

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When I try to save as OpenGL, I get this error message.


just do F3
and add name

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F3 brings up a history menu.

if you change the set up may be
but on win it is to save render !

go to file menu and select the save render

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I don’t have any option in the file menu to save render…


will have to find where these are now !

select window instead
and save screenshot


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functions keys if not changed

from it seems bug in win

A curious oversight is that in the Window types menu buttons, the function keys to call each type of window are missing. This is odd because nearly all other Blender menus have key equivalents and, of course, it is a good way to learn key shortcuts as well.

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I guess a screenshot will work. Why didn’t I just do that before??? (Bangs head with rubber hammer)

I appreciate you responding with all those ideas. I’m using Windows and don’t like it much. It seems to always be busy doing something and making me wait even when nothing else is running.

on what PC proce and is it win 10

should work fine and fast

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Windows XP w/ Pentium 4 CPU 2.8 GHz and 1 Gb of physical RAM. Not much to be proud of, really.

You wont be able to use OpenGL/GLSL niceties in XP any more. Support for this OS is dropped from both sides, MS and Blender.

Ya, I expect that there are some features I can’t use. But are they cut off in 2.76 too?

May be wait next fall sales and get a new one with Win 10
should be faster and smoother with better graphic in any case

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I have similar P2, Intel 965, laptop, XP, i have stopped on 2.75. Guess, 2.76 initial builds from buildbot would work but then there were even more issues and i did stop updating.
I’d say 2 or more Gb RAM would help you a lot on this one.

Another way is UV project from view- then save uv layout(SVG)

@RickyBlender - No chance I can afford that. And if I could, I would give up Windows in a second and go with Linux.

@eppo - Good to know I’m not alone. I was thinking of getting more RAM. I know it will help a lot. I’m surprised though how well Blender handles so little memory.

@@PyroGXPilot - That would work. But as I said, a screenshot is the quickest way and will serve my needs. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it while I was busy posting screenshots of wireframe images!!! :stuck_out_tongue: