say hello to my MFA Thesis Exhibition

Finaly its done! the show is a great hit.

Images say more than words so I leave it up to the images to speak.

here is the link:

have fun


Oh man, this is cool!
I’ve seen your renderings and products earlier but this gives the feeling of what it became. Realy good stuff!
I hope to make something similar someday :slight_smile:

i wrote a making off for the blenderART mag to show my technical and conceptual process. it does not focus on the modeling but rather on the 3d data exchange blender support via the STL format and the use of electroformer to build those copper heads you see on one of the PEZ dispensers. i hope some more metal people will realize how usefull blender is for this business.


i always thought pez were a dangerous candy

Great work!!! I especially liked the detail on the cigarette paper, and your understated approach. Your education has served you well.

i hope i can explore 3d more int his way.

i like the combination of modern digital technology and
traditional metal smithing with the combination of esthetics
found in design and fine arts.