Saying Goodbye WIP

This will eventually be my entry in the Blender Guru “Saying Goodbye” competition. In the end there will be a lone figure mourning over the casket. For now though, I’m just working on the church itself. Also, all the materials and textures are in shades of grey, except the windows and portrait.

This is very close to my completed image for the BlenderGuru “Saying Goodbye” contest. It sort of morphed into a very personal image of Me saying goodbye to my Grandpa, who died a few months ago. It’s been really helpful for the mourning process to put this little tribute together. The photo on the table is of my Grandpa holding me when I was a baby. The church is empty because this is just my moment alone with him to say goodbye. It’s a representation of a very private and intimate time. I’m still tweaking the character some, hoping to add more detail.