Scale a duplicate of a model so that it completely covers the original model?

hi there, I am something new in this blender so I would like to know if there is a way to scale a model duplicate so that it completely covers the original model…

well first of all I have this bad boy (its only a example, the true model has many more verts)

second i duplicated and scaled

and the result is this

but what I would like to achieve is that in the duplicate cover the model entirely (in other words that the distances between vertices are equal)

Is there an option or something in blender to do that? It would really help a lot when doing it with many different models with many vertises

I’m afraid what you about to do. If you duplicate one part, it should have the same vertex posititions, no need to scale then. You can activate “snapping” and “closest vertex” and go by hand.

If you just want to mirror something to get a solid mesh, as it looks like:

  • Extrude all edges on the Y axis
  • Bridge them
  • Insert a edge loop in the middle
  • Go to wireframe mode and border select all verticies on one end, press delete
  • Add a mirror modifier for the Y axis (apply if you need)


  • Mirror one side and apply the modifier (watch your origin)
  • Bridge both loops

add displace modifier with empty texture (no texture), adjuste strength value for you needs… without texture displace happen in all directions uniformaly

sorry i think that I do not explain very well :frowning: but what I mean: this is the base model (its a example too)

and I would like to create a duplicate of this but that is slightly bigger, (so try to scale it) it didn’t work out. So I would like to know if there is an option to be able to enlarge a model that covers the entire base model like this

You want to use ALT S to scale. That should do the trick.

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thank you very much!