Scale of an object

Hello - I’m trying to do something pretty simple, but can’t understand why it isn’t working. I’m doing the following to try and get an object exported from Blender (mac) for use in an OpenGL program…

  1. Fire up Blender
  2. Select transform properties on the default cube object
  3. Change the dimensions to 1.0 , 4.0 , 1.0
  4. Enter edit mode and convert to triangles (CTRL-T)
  5. Exit edit mode

Now, at this stage - I have the shape I want in the dimension I want. The problem is, when I export that shape - it just exports the original square vertices. Even if I use the Interactive Python Console and view the vertice coordinates, I’m still seeing square coordinates.

What am I doing wrong here? My feeling is that I’m changing the transformation, but not the actual shape.

Thanks in advance,


You can perform transformations in Object mode, or in Edit mode. Try switching to Edit mode, then scale your cube’s vertices. Switch back to Object mode and export as usual.

My guess is that this will give you what you are looking for…

Try CTRL+A after exit edit mode.

Wicked guys, thanks. Only just figured it out a little before you posted.

I just moved the face out a bit in edit mode and export worked (after some tweaking).

Nice one!