scale several selected objects

how to scale several selected objects to a sepecific value? using the transform properties?

what i did is, i join (CTRL + J) the several selected objects and then modify the scale value through transform properties, after that, seperate them in edit mode using P (partition).

it is quite pain.
is there any easier way to do something like above?

thanks! and happy day :stuck_out_tongue:

Select ā€œIndividual Centersā€ for Pivot in the header (or Ctrl-Period), hit S and type in the numeric value on the keyboard.


sorry fligh,
i couldnā€™t grab what you mean :frowning:
i tried Ctrl-Period but nothing happen :frowning:

just select them all, press S, then enter the scale you want (i.e, if you want them half as big enter .5, or twice as big enter 2) then press enter. This will scale all the objects selected.

I think thats what your askingā€¦

Edits and Translations happen relative to the Pivot point (3D Cursor, Median Point, Active Object, Individual Centers etc) which you can choose in the Icon Menu in the header ( right of the Viewport Shading icon menu, look at the tooltips when you hover your mouse over the icons). Ctrl-Period is just a shortcut to change the pivot point to ā€œIndividual Centersā€ (period will change it to 3D Cursor).


@fligh: man, if i had known that i can ENTER a NUMERIC value for transformations, what a time wouldnā€™t have been wasted!! thanks a lot!
there are still so many things to descover in blenderā€¦

thanks imperitor, i c what fligh means now.
yeah, i tried the scaling several cubes using different pivot point, thanks fligh.

but how to scale them back to 1?
let say 3 cubes are being scaled at 1.560, if u press S and type in value, it would scale against 1.560.

how to make 3 cubes scale to 1?

In that specific case, you havenā€™t applied the scaleā€¦ see how the values are anything but 1.000 for scale on the far right cube? Since you didnā€™t apply the scale, just discard it. (Alt-S) and the cube will resize itself to 1.000

If you WANT the cube at that phyiscal size, then apply scale. (Ctrl-A)

Either way, youā€™ll be back to 1.000 scale. :stuck_out_tongue:

ic, thanks a lot!! heavily tessellated

so Ctrl+A to confirm the scale and the scale would be set at 1.0 back, and Alt+S would clear scale (back to 1.0) if we havenā€™t Ctrl+A it :slight_smile: thanks !!

Iā€™ve been struggling on how to insert a numerical value for scaling the selection. I can scale it manually, but I canā€™t find a way to show the window that would allow me to put a value instead. Can anyone just tell me where that is?

There are several places you can add the scale to an objectā€¦

  1. When you type S 2.3 it will scale up 2.3 units. ( not in a window )
  2. When you type S and move and L clickā€¦down in the lower L, there is a popup, open that and you can scale the object numerically.
  3. In the N panel, under Item. you can change dimensionsā€¦ and scaleā€¦but donā€™t forget in all cases you need to type Ctrl+A to apply scale or you will run into problems later onā€¦

Thank you, RSEhlers! Finally, it worked! But just to bring me into a new frustration on how difficult it is to rescale only part of a complex object without leaving it non-manifold (Iā€™m trying to adjust 3d printable parts). The autofix ā€œmake manifoldā€ button doesnā€™t seem to have an easy time on that either.