Scale texture

Using Photoshop Elements I’ve created a reptilian scale texture with the following method:

Set foreground color to R: 32, G: 124, B: 27


Set foreground color to R: 67, G: 94, B: 24

Use a stained glass filter with the following settings: Cell size: 5, Boarder thickness: 3, Light intensity: 0

With the magic wand tool, click in one of the cells with the following setting: Anti aliased on, contiguous off, Tolerance: 5.

Select -> Modifiy -> Contract: 2

Create a new layer.

Set foreground color to R: 49, G: 149, B: 54

Fill: Anti aliased on, contiguous off

I’m wondering how I can improve it and make it more realistic. A bit of blurring, perhaps?


you could do the same with blender
by using the veroni crackle texture

you can also find a scale pugin

and there are already some scale texture at the 3D repositoty for texture


The shortcut:

There you can take a look into the glorious blender procedural materials :smiley:

I’m not very impressed with the veroni effect, and there is only so much you can do with procedurals.

I guess I’m just looking for some good Photoshop help.

Reptile scales are not that angular, you need them to be rounder, but tightly snug against each other.

I tried adding a gasuian blur, and I think it looks a bit better. Should I up the contrast a little?


that’s a plug in for scale
see pic


I appreciate the effort, but I’ve already tried the scale plugin, and it didn’t work out for for what I was aiming for.