Scales Plugin: need a DLL

i wanted to make some good scales for my dragon model found in the WIP fourm. seeing as how blender doen’t have any good textures to make scales what would it take to make a reptile scales type of texture plugin?

is their a DLL of the scales plugin? i would try to compile the sorce but it whould take forever to download the compiler. i have an slow dial up connection

you could try a picture and some adjusting in the gimp or photoshop.
The best textures are often hand painted, not procedural.

well i totally suck at paint programs. the most i’ve really been able to do was make cool looking light saber effects

If anyone has the DLL pleace PM me and i will send you my e-mail address so you can send the DLL to me

You can download all the dll’s in “Windows Precompiled Plugins(zip)” here:


it doesn’t include the scales plugin. found origanal site with it

it here in the zip