Scaling a circle problem


checking out Blender at the moment and I try to emulate techniques I use in C4D.

One rig I have is I use a circle, constrain an object to it and set a target for the pinned object with another constrain. That works fine.
Now I start animating the scale of the circle and its rotation seperately and the object follows the circle spline position just fine while aiming at the target.

But as soon as I animate the scaling of the circle it automatically rotates the circle as well back to its default position. Why is that? Can I prevent it? I keyed in object mode.I just want to move the points of the circle towards the center point from their current position.

Hello, maybe show some screenshots, it might help to understand

I have a file but I cannot upload because I am new it says.

Here a screenshot. The circle is animated and the cube pinned to it. As soo as I scle it down the circle rotates back to default position or jumps around which rsults in a whobbly animation

Hi Chris, i am too using c4d as well as blender. you could use; to link your file here.
I am not sure if this is what you are after?:circle scale.blend (585.0 KB)

Ok ok I figured it out. I switched to Quaternion interpolation and it works now. I did not notice it wasn’t the default. Thx to all.

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I am glad you figured it out.

This should not be a Quaternion/Euler problem. I use this kind of setups now and then and they work fine with Euler. There must be something else.